2017 RSMA Exhibition held at Patchings Art Gallery

2016 RSMA Exhibition in the Barn Gallery, at Patchings Art Centre, Nottinghamshire

Patchings external view

Patchings Art Centre
Oxton Road, Calverton,
Nottingham NG14 6NU
Phone: 0115 965 3479

Open: Free entry:
Monday to Sunday 9am - 5pm
If gallery door locked please ask in cafe
or framing shop

Parking: Ample free parking beside the gallery. Disable parking also available.

More info: Further details can be found on the Patchings web site.

Pachings Art Cente map

Showing below is a selection of RSMA members work at the Patchings Art Centre 2017 exhibition.
Please note that further works will be added to this page as members supply images leading up to the exhibition.

"High and Dry, Pin Mill"
Robert Brindley
Watercolour, 43cm x 50cm, £495

Robert Brindley, High and Dry, Pin Mill, Watercolour, 43cm x 50cm, £495

"Summer Reflections, Perranporth, Cornwall"
Keith Noble
Oil, 36.5cm x 23cm, £450

Keith Noble, Summer Reflections, Perranporth, Cornwall, Oil, 36.5cm x 23cm, £450

"Nets I"
Gareth Brown
Oil on Board, 99cm x 71.5cm, £2250

Gareth Brown, Nets I, Oil on Board, 99cm x 71.5cm, £2250

"Hot afternoon, Shalfleet, Isle of Wight"
John Stillman
Oil, 28 x 36cm, £675

John Stillman Hot afternoon, Shalfleet, Isle of Wight, Oil, 28x36cm, £675

"Near sunset"
Nicholas St John Rosse
Oil, 42cm x 52cm, £1500

Nicholas St John Rosse, Near sunset, Oil, 42cm x 52cm, £1500

"Forgotten but flying the flag"
Paul Banning
Watercolour, 53cm x 67cm, £750

Banning Paul, Forgotten but flying the flag, Watercolour, 53cm x 67cm £750

"The end of the day, Le Croisic"
Paul Banning
Watercolour, 35cm x 53cm, £575

Banning Paul, The end of the day, Le Croisic, Watercolour, 35cm x 53cm £575

"Turning Tide; Bedruthan Steps"
Deborah Walker
Watercolour, 65cm x 123cm, £1800

Deborah Walker, Turning Tide; Bedruthan Steps, Watercolour, 65cm x 123cm, £1800

"Wells Next The Sea"
Barry Peckham
Oil, 30cm x 42cm, £350

Barry Peckham, Wells Next The Sea, Oil, 30cm x 42cm  £350

"Summer Morning, Flamborough"
David Allen
Pastel, 65cm x 74cm, £950

David Allen, Summer Morning, Flamborough, Pastel, 65cm x 74cm, £950

"Quayside, Bideford"
Colin Allbrook
Oil, 45cm x 55cm, £825

Colin Allbrook, Quayside, Bideford, Oil, 45cm x 55cm, £825

"The rainbow, Pin Mill, Suffolk"
John Stillman
Oil, 41 x 36cm, £725

John Stillman, The rainbow, Pin Mill, Suffolk, Oil, 41x36cm, £725

Please note that further works will be added to this page as members supply images leading up to the exhibition.

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